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Journal papers

Ranjbari, M., Morales-Alonso, G., & Carrasco-Gallego, R. (2018). Conceptualizing the sharing economy through presenting a comprehensive framework. In Sustainability (Switzerland) (Vol. 10).

Karaosman, H., Perry, P., Brun, A., & Morales-Alonso, G. (2018). Behind the runway: Extending sustainability in luxury fashion supply chains. Journal of Business Research.

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Oña, M., Morales-Alonso, G., Gálvez, F., Sánchez-Gálvez, V., & Cendón, D. (2016). Analysis of concrete targets with different kinds of reinforcements subjected to blast loading. European Physical Journal: Special Topics, 225(2).

Morales – Alonso, G., Pablo – Lerchundi, I., & Núñez – del – Río, M. C. (2015). Entrepreneurial intention of engineering students and associated influence of contextual factors / Intención emprendedora de los estudiantes de ingeniería e influencia de factores contextuales. Revista de Psicología Social, 4748(November).

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